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Should You Start Your Own Christian Program?

Are you a devoted Christian who enjoys spending your time helping others? If you are, you may volunteer through your church, as well as with a number of other Christian organizations. If you do, h........ Read More

Consider Using A Christian Dating Service

I have many friends that remain single well into their twenties, thirties and even forties. They are great individuals who simply have not found someone that they are compatible with yet. I have great........ Read More

4 Gifts You Can Give To Christian Fathers On Father's Day

Father's Day for Christian fathers is a special time. Not only are they celebrating the fact that they are blessed to be fathers, but also are giving thanks for having their Father, the Lord. Getting........ Read More

Will Christians Be In The Tribulation

Paul is very clear concerning this question. He breaks humanity into only Two Groups and demonstrates that only one of these two groups will be in the beginning Tribulation part of the final or 12th D........ Read More

How To Write A Good Christian Article

1. Take some time to brainstorm your Christian article topic. Take a blank sheet of paper and list 10 topics that are related to the subject you want to write about. If you have a web site you are p........ Read More

Christian Sympathy Gifts

Death is universal, but accepting the loss of a loved one is the most difficult thing in the world. Although comforting words from friends and family can soothe a grieving heart, many find that their ........ Read More

Christian Organizations That Focus On The Less Fortunate

Are you a Christian who is interested in helping those who may be less fortunate than yourself? If you are, you have a number of different options. For instance, you can volunteer your services or........ Read More

How To Choose A Christian Counselor

Christian therapy as a profession is relatively new, having been practiced only over the last few decades. While many in the Christian community adhere to a strict code of Bible-based, scriptural, pra........ Read More

4 Steps To Christian Inspiration

Many times we study how to do things faster and better but we skip the essential step of inspiration. When we are inspired by the Holy Spirit we have a wealth of ability with which to work. When we ........ Read More

The Benefits Of A Christian Weight Loss Program

One of the best ways to lose weight is to have a change of heart as well as a change of mind. When you participate in a Christian weight loss program you’ll soon discover that the emphasis will incl........ Read More

Christian Online Dating – Find The Right One…

Christian online dating allows a number of people to have access to a database of Christian singles all over the world. Christian online dating service is intended to help men and women meet other sin........ Read More

Christian Home Schooling Information

The principles and reasons for a Christian homeschool is influenced by the child’s training based from the Bible, wherein the education of the child should be left in the parents’ hands. As seen ........ Read More

Is Self-esteem Contrary To Christianity

The philosophy of self-esteem is probably the most influential doctrine to arrive on the scene in Christendom's recent history. At least in my lifetime, it has had as much affect, if not even more, o........ Read More

Yoga And Christianity A Conflict?

Being a practicing Christian myself, there are very few things in Yoga that conflict with Christianity. Some critics argue that Yoga and Christianity cannot co-exist, and yet we know that Yoga is not ........ Read More

Benefit Of Yoga - The Christian Viewpoint

The benefit of yoga is twofold - increased health and unification of the spirit with the body. It is accomplished through the use of many different aspects, but mainly through the combination of Asan........ Read More


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