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The Porno Goddess Savannah Stern

Well known in the fetish genre of the adult entertainment world, Savannah Stern stars in several films from foot fetish features to gangbangs and even violently themed porno flicks that depict women f........ Read More

You Are Empowered By God

© 2006, All Rights Reserved Did you know God has provided ways in His word to empower His children? Did you know there are specific things you can do to contribute to answered prayer, good health, ........ Read More

Having Faith In God’s Word And His Healing Power

"WHAT EVER YOU DO IN LIFE LET GOD DIRECT YOUR PATH, FUTURE AND YOUR DESTINY." The Word of God cannot work without Faith. You cannot understand without Faith. Speak the word of Healing and you will be........ Read More

Envy Of The Gods - Book Review

Envy of the Gods, a science-fiction novel, has a cast of five main characters that struggle through a rise to leadership, tough ethical decisions, the re-discovery and use of ancient textbooks, and a ........ Read More

God Has Pleasure When Christians Prosper

God did not create us and then leave us to ourselves. He is very much interested in what happens to his children, the Abrahamic Seed Group. His interest in us caused Him to promise us healing, prosp........ Read More

Heartache Hurts - God Do You Hear

What is heartache? It is pain. There are two kinds of pain, one where you take a tumble, cut a finger or bump your head. This type of pain can be eased with the help of a band aid or ointments, but he........ Read More

Book Review: Alex Webster And The Gods By David Dent

What’s a major deity to do when he finds himself washed up on Mt Olympus? Jupiter, once mighty Roman God has spent two millennia sulking about his defeat at the hands of Yahweh and the loss of the g........ Read More

God, Our Best Friend

What is the definition of a friend? With one, we can relate. with one,we can be totally comforatble. With one, we can be ourselves. And with one, we can share our deepest emotions. All our fears, our ........ Read More

Can An Atheist Believe In God?

What makes an atheist? Is he or she one who says "God absolutely does not exist"? Certainly most atheists I know wouldn't say that. Unfortunately, like most religious people, most dictionaries misrepr........ Read More

You Are Empowered By God In Your Finances

© 2006, All Rights Reserved In the first article I wrote dealing with empowerment ("You Are Empowered By God"), I outlined several principles that pertain to God's word with relation to answered pra........ Read More

Is It God’s Will To Be Wealthy?

Copyright 2006 Desert Publishers Why are there people who seem to attract unlimited wealth into their lives, while others, equally as capable or talented or worthy, suffer from poverty and lack? Att........ Read More

The Idea Of God Is Not Henceforth Relevant

Well educated, intellectual people, especially scientists at all times demonstrate considerably smaller adherence to religiosity than others. However, there are still believers of the idea of the God ........ Read More

Want To Own A Muscular Greek God Body?

If you are clueless at the gym and yet hungry for plain, good 'ol professional advice to help you on the road to that sculpted physique of a Greek god, fret not! All you have to do is to have a solid ........ Read More

Is Speaking In Tongues A Gift From God?

Speaking in Tongues as we see it today in Christian churches is a relatively new phenomenon dating back to the early 1900’s. Why is this? And in fact is what we are seeing today the same gift that........ Read More

Who Is Afraid Of God

Most of those who call themselves believers, profess that they are afraid of God. What does this mean? Let us talk more about this. Are they really afraid of God? Are they afraid of God as much as the........ Read More


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