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Towards A Christian Literary Theory

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Most modern literary theory is explicitly anti-theological. This book states the case for a contemporary literary theory whose principles derive from Christian theology. Luke Ferretter argues that it remains rationally and ethically legitimate to use theological language in literary theory despite the objections to such a theory posed by deconstruction, Marxism and psychoanalysis. He concludes with an assessment of how such a theory can be formulated and used in contemporary cultural analysis.

Shamanism And Christianity

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The interaction of 19th-century Russian missionaries with three indigenous groups, the Chukchi and Altaians in Siberia and the Dena'ina Indians in Alaska, resulted in widely different outcomes. The Chukchi disregarded the missionary message, the Dena'ina embraced Christianity, and the Altaians responded by selectively borrowing from Orthodox religion. Znamenski-in the first work of its kind in English-argues that the relationships between indigenous shamanism and Orthodox missionaries in Siberia and Alaska were essentially a dialogue about spiritual, political, and ideological power, and challenges both the widespread conviction that Christian missionaries always acted as agents of colonial oppression among tribal peoples and the notion that native peoples maintained their pristine traditional cultures despite years of interaction with Western society. Znamenski asserts that Russian missionary policy toward indigenous peoples was, at best, ambivalent and cannot be described as either Russification or a broad tolerance of native cultures. After two broad introductory chapters, he deals with each indigenous people in a separate section, illustrating the ways in which native Siberians and Alaskans acted as active players, welcoming, adopting, rejecting, or reinterpreting elements of Christianity depending upon surrounding circumstances and individual cultural stances.

The Formula For Christian Self Esteem

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"He found the Biblical formula for healthy self esteem. Now his victory can be yours!" Many Christians struggle with the concept of self esteem. We wonder if it is consistent with our faith; is it prideful or is it a missing ingredient in being good stewards of ourselves? After years of wrestling with his sense of self-worth, the author allows a caring mentor to show him how to find a final answer to the question, "What is my true value?" What Jim learns, The Formula, is at the heart of this very personal story of loss and recovery. Read along and learn for yourself the power and freedom that comes from knowing, once and for all time, your true worth. In this book you will learn: -- The #1 infallible Key to a new self worth -- The best method to apply this essential truth to your life today -- The way to use the Key to erase the negatives in your life -- The process of using the Key to help you and your loved ones be happier, more confident, and more successful The Formula for Christian Self Esteem is a lesson, a journey, and an intimate sharing of a believer's desire to know his Savior's love and acceptance. This book begins and ends with a prayer for your peace and happiness. Come follow along, learning how much God loves and value you.


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