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On Christian Belief

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"On Christian Belief" offers a defense of realism in the philosophy of religion. It argues that religious belief--with particular reference to Christian belief--unlike any other kind of belief, is cognitive; making claims about what is real, and open to rational discussion between believers and non-believers.
The author begins by providing a critique of several views which either try to describe a faith without cognitive context, or to justify believing on non-cognitive grounds. He then discusses what sense can be made of the phenomenon of religious conversion by realists and non-realists. After a chapter on knowledge in general, he defends the idea that religious knowledge is very like other knowledge, in being based on reliable testimony, sifted by reason and tested by experience. The logical status of the content of religious belief is then discussed with reference to Christianity.

Everyday Christian

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The DIALOG SERIES offers Bible-based, life-related studies for small groups, Sunday School classes, or personal discoveries. Each 7-week study is written by qualified and thought-provoking Christian thinkers to promote community and growth in Christ. Summary

As a Christian you must reflect the image of Christ each day--not just at church or when you are among other believers. Everyday Christian: enables you to understand what it means to be a Christian outside the walls of the church.

During this 7-week study you will explore

What does it mean to be a Christian at home, at play, and in the workplace?

How does being a Christian help you be more environmentally conscious?

In what ways does being a Christian guide you to a healthier lifestyle?

What is your role in helping the needy?

What does it mean to have a Christian world view?

Through this study you will discover that being a disciple of Christ effects every aspect of your life no matter the time or place.

Christianity And Ethics A Handbook Of Christian Ethics

RRP $18.99

This collection of literature attempts to compile many of the classic works that have stood the test of time and offer them at a reduced, affordable price, in an attractive volume so that everyone can enjoy them.


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