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Private Churches And Public Money

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A Global Introduction To Baptist Churches

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Coinciding with the four-hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Baptist movement, this book explores and assesses the cultural sources of Baptist beliefs and practices. Although the movement has been embraced, enriched, and revised by numerous cultural heritages, the Baptist movement has focused on a small group of Anglo exiles in Amsterdam in constructing its history and identity. Robert E. Johnson seeks to recapture the varied cultural and theological sources of Baptist tradition and to give voice to the diverse global elements of the movement that have previously been excluded or marginalized. With an international communion of over 110 million persons in more than 225,000 congregations, Baptists constitute the world's largest aggregate of evangelical Protestants. This work offers insight into the diversity, breadth, and complexity of the cultural influences that continue to shape Baptist identity today.

Short-term Missions, A Christian Guide To Stms, For Leaders, Pastors, Churches, Students, Stm Teams And Mission Organizations

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Short-Term Missions, A Christian Guide to STMs is a full and concise guide to STMs. What you need to know about planning a STM, or joining a STM team, and considering the options as part of the Great Commission, from the Good News to good works. This book is full of anecdotes and advice with informative timelines, and a biblical framework for STMs to help you engage in cross-cultural missions; with viable solutions to common mission issues to make your STM more effective to the glory of God.

  • Mission considerations and types of STMs.
  • What to do, where to go, with the best methods.
  • How to pick a team or choose a STM organization.
  • Raising financial support and managing your STM budget.
  • Travel kit list, items to buy and what to leave behind.
  • Emotional and spiritual work, before, during and at home.
  • Security, safety, duty and character, and being streetwise.
  • Dealing with social media and disruptive team members.
  • Medical advice, obtaining a visa and your plane ticket.
  • What to pack, how best to travel and airport etiquette.
  • Christian literature, building a home or sinking a bore well.
  • Communication, language issues and public speaking.
  • Team dynamics, food and drink, the tribe, and social time.
  • Working with the locals and being culturally sensitive.
  • What to do before and after you return home.

An easy-to-read comprehensive guide to short-term missions, for the young and inexperienced, or for the seasoned STM-er who is planning to take a team abroad, for sharing the Good News or for humanitarian purposes. Full of practical advice with much wisdom from Scripture coupled with hard leant experiences.

Mathew Backholer is the co-founder of ByFaith Media ( and films and presents the reality mission series ByFaith TV which airs globally on numerous Christian networks. He has been on more than thirty mission trips and has travelled to more than forty nations of the world. He has travelled the length of Africa, from Cairo to the Cape, across South-East Asia from India to Vietnam and from Nepal to Russia via China and Mongolia and has survived the Trans-Siberian Railway. He has driven around Europe, visited North Africa six times, and has journeyed alone, with friends, as part of team and as a leader. He is the author of many books, including: How to Plan, Prepare and Successfully Complete Your Short-Term Mission, Extreme Faith - On Fire Christianity and Global Revival - Worldwide Outpourings.


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