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A Brief Instruction In The Worship Of God And Discipline Of The Churches Of The New Testament

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John Owen (1616 - 24 August 1683) was an English Nonconformist church leader, theologian, and academic administrator at the University of Oxford.Owen was educated at Queen's College, Oxford, where he studied classics and theology and was ordained. Because of the "high-church" innovations introduced by Archbishop William Laud, Owen left the university to be a chaplain to the family of a noble lord. His first parish was at Fordham in Essex, to which he went while the nation was involved in civil war.
Oliver Cromwell liked Owen and took him as his chaplain on his expeditions both to Ireland and Scotland from 1649-1651. As a result, Owen's fame was at its height from 1651 to 1660, during which he played a prominent part in the religious, political, and academic life of England. Shortly after the Restoration of the monarchy in 1660, he moved to London, where he was active in preaching and writing until his death. He declined invitations to the ministry in Boston (1663) and the presidency of Harvard (1670) and chided New England Congregationalists for intolerance. 

A Teacher's Guide To Churches, Cathedrals And Chapels

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Most places have at least one church or chapel. Together with cathedrals, these buildings, their sites and surroundings offer an inexhaustible range of teaching and study opportunities. This books placed them in their historical context, introducing sources and suggesting themes, exercises and project ideas for curriculum work.

Churches, Temples, And Financial Crimes

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This eye-opening volume examines ways in which religious institutions can be misused to mask illegal financial dealings, and steps law enforcement can take to combat these criminal activities. The chapters review legal rights and responsibilities of churches and the types of loopholes that can allow unscrupulous practices to flourish. This book offers local and global proposals for the study and practice of improving financial transparency for religious organizations, and assessing and curbing monetary crimes within their ranks. A sampling of criminal cases of financial wrongdoing by churches and temples spotlights the ingenuity involved in such scams as well as in the ongoing fight against them. Included in the coverage: * Religious freedom in the U.S. and Brazilian constitutional orders * Government regulation of religious organizations * Criminal investigations and cases involving financial crimes practiced by and through religious institutions * International religious activities and legal cooperation for repatriation of assets * Payments through illegal and disguised means, and the misuse of churches, temples, and charitable organizations *Proposals to improve the war against financial crimes within temples and churches Its unique subject matter and depth of information makes Churches, Temples, and Financial Crimes distinctly useful for professionals involved in efforts to curb this form of crime, particularly law enforcement personnel, prosecutors, and judges.


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