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In The Image Of God

RRP $24.99

In the Image of God provides insights on identifying true Christianity, the power within the individual to change their circumstances, and the expectations God has for His creation. It inspires readers to take a closer look at who they are, who they are supposed to be, and examines all the possibilities of transformation to a better life. Its message is that God created man and woman for a purpose; to have success and a divine assignment. God did not destine His creation to be kept in the prison of darkness, despair, and hopelessness. Reading the Word of God and applying its principles begins a transformation of meaning and purpose. In the Image of God explains how even in times of uncertainly, the joy of the Lord strengthens us and gives us significant reasons to live to the fullest. This book, inspired by the Spirit of God, makes these principles simple to comprehend and be fully understood. I pray that all who read it will receive the blessing and favor of Almighty God as it reveals their destiny to be in the image of God!

A Conversation With God

RRP $12.99

Religion & Spirituality - A Conversation with God is a religious book about a mythical conversation between the author and the Master of the Universe. It is not a real conversation but it sure sounds like it is real because the questions that are put forth are real and so are the religious answers. It tackles some big issues within and without the church and the reader goes away feeling satisfied that he/she has learned something of consequential value. It is not a book on spiritualism and in fact it is a book of spirituality vs religion. It delineates what are the differences in religions and speaks about religion spirituality. If you have a desire to better understand God's will in your life and your position amongst the saints, you should read this book and pass it on to all believers and unbelievers as an evangelical tool.

Going Through Hell With God

RRP $44.99

Going Through Hell With God is a compilation of many different writings from a man who at the time was in his upper twenties living a life that had purpose, meaning and direction until mysteriously he began experiencing a physical imbalance that forced him to change the course of his life. That man is me, the author. This book is for anyone who has experienced disappointment, pain, loss or the unknown and wants to rediscover their faith. "And now faith, hope and love abide, these three; and the greatest of these is love" (1 Corinthians 13: 13). The focus of these writings is being honest with God no matter how you are feeling, especially if you are hurt, angry or frustrated - to become more aware of God's presence in the dark, lonely or cold times in your life and to experience God's light, grace and hope.


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