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Divine Concordance Of Light - A Handbook From Heaven To Progression Earth

RRP $348.00

This inspired book was specially conceived to help humanity discover, experiment and integrate his divine nature. It presents a series of potentially powerful "Soul-ar Ray Progressions" that can be used by the reader in the field of spiritual help and healing and for those assisting the dying. The mysterious, almost ceremonial tone, and somewhat ritualized rhythms contained within these "Ray-Progressions" can act as a potent "evolutionary stimulant" for the Soul of every serious student of authentic Spirituality. The marriage between the Science of the 7 Rays and the Invocations or Appeals offer a precious opportunity for authentic transformation. An in-depth study of the cosmic-physical rays. Evokes energies of Light, Love, Healing and Goodwill. For a great consciousness/shift in the age to come.

Haiku Heaven In Panama

RRP $66.99

Do you haiku? The world over people have pick up their pens (or laptops) and tried this form of fast food poetry. Descended from a Japanese tradition of 5-7-5 syllables per line, it's a quick take on the world around you. Join my class of multicultural, bilingual 4th graders in Panama City, Panama, as they write about their lives in Panama (the place that's celebrating 100 year anniversary of the Panama Canal). From stinky boys to licking lollipops in summer, to flying in hot air balloons, this little book of poetry is priceless and written by kids for the kids in all of us, young and old alike. It's always hot in Panama and this book is hot too, destined to sell like hotcakes. Haiku to you!

Peace Under Heaven

RRP $482.99

Originally published in Seoul in 1938, soon after the outbreak of the Pacific War, "Peace Under Heaven" is a satirical novel centering on the household of a Korean landlord during the Japanese colonial occupation. Master Yun, embodying the traditional ambitions of a standard Korean paterfamilias, by being projected fast forward into a modern urban environment, caricatures the increasing irrelevance of Confucian mores to 20th-century social reality. Depicting the anomic lives of the Yun household in colonial Seoul, Chase Man-Sik, one of modern Korea's best-known writers, uses black comedy to underscore the collapse of ritualistic traditional values in the face of capitalist modernisation. The decadence of the nouveau riche pseudo-aristocrat Master Yun is interwoven with insights into the customary bases of oppression of Korean women into the self-deceptions underlying collaboration by Koreans with the Japanese oppressor. The savage hilarity of Chae's style lends force and historical relevance to his insight into the attitudes of the milieu in which his narrative is set.


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