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Heaven's Gate A Memorial Established 2009

RRP $32.99

This is a story of what could have happend to the 39 members of Heaven's Gate shortly after exiting their earthly vehicles and bording a spacecraft cloaked inside the tail of the Hale-Bopp comet. As they awaken from transport sleep, Ti welcomes them aboard the Comet-craft Hale-Bopp. Confusion, awe, and wonder await the crew members as they travel throughout the galaxies on their journey to Planet Heaven and beyond. My story is a combination of different subjects: personal, Biblical, fact, and science fiction. A written memorial for the people of Heaven's Gate who gave up their lives for what they believed. Before you judge them, look inside your own heart and ask yourself this question: What would you be willing to die for - religion, freedom, country, honor or perhaps something else?

Good People Don't Go To Heaven; Bad People Don't Go To Hell

RRP $44.99

Many people seem to assume that if they died today they would surely go to heaven, yet they live their lives far from God. Who is responsible for your eternal soul: you, or the Lord, or both? Once you settle this easy question with a willing God, you can get on with your life with great peace of mind. Misconceptions abound as to what will get you to heaven, and what will plunge your soul into hell. How much power over your body, soul, and spirit does your church and its leaders have, if any? Are fear tactics used to intimidate you? This is a handbook to help you think about what you may have been led to believe, and what God has actually said in His word.

Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Heaven, A

RRP $22.99

Corey Taylor has seen a lot of unbelievable things. The Grammy Award-winning singer of Slipknot and Stone Sour's curiosity has drawn him into situations that would've sent most people screaming scared and running for the hills. Corey's ballsy enough to go into the darkness and deal with the consequences though. As a result, he's seen ghosts up close and personal, whether it be while combing through an abandoned house in his native Iowa as a child or recording an album in the fabled Houdini Hollywood Hills mansion. He's also got the memories (and scars) to prove it. For some reason, he can't seem to shake these spectral stories, and that brings us to this little tome right here... At the same time, being an erudite, tattooed, modern Renaissance Man, he never bought into the whole God thing. Simply put, he's seen ghosts, but he hasn't seen Jesus. Corey especially can't find a reason why people do the insane things they do in HIS name. That's where everything really gets interesting. His second book, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Heaven, compiles Corey's most intimate, incredible, and insane moments with the supernatural. His memories are as vivid as they are vicious. As he recounts these stories, he questions the validity of religious belief systems and two-thousand-year-old dogma. As always his rapid-fire writing, razor sharp sense of humour, unbridled honesty, and cosy anecdotes make quite the case for his point. You might end up believing him or not. That's up to you, of course. Either way, you're in for a hell of ride.


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