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60 Days 'til Jesus Comes

RRP $16.99

A 60 day devotional guide to encourage daily time alone with Jesus Christ.

Greco-roman Culture And The Galilee Of Jesus

RRP $70.95

Greco-Roman Culture and the Galilee of Jesus, a book-length investigation of this topic, challenges the conventional scholarly view that first-century Galilee was thoroughly Hellenised. Examining architecture, inscriptions, coins and art from Alexander the Great's conquest until the early fourth century CE, Chancey argues that the extent of Greco-Roman culture in the time of Jesus has often been greatly exaggerated. Antipas's reign in the early first century was indeed a time of transition, but the more dramatic shifts in Galilee's cultural climate happened in the second century, after the arrival of a large Roman garrison. Much of Galilee's Hellenisation should thus be understood within the context of its Romanisation. Any attempt to understand the Galilean setting of Jesus must recognise the significance of the region's historical development as well as how Galilee fits into the larger context of the Roman East.

The Day Santa Met Jesus

RRP $44.99

The Day Santa Met Jesus will carry you from the Santa Throne to the Throne of God. Santa meets a child who asks for a very unusal gift: a Bible for her Mama. What is a Bible, Santa wonders. As he takes a nap, Santa has an experience that will change his life forever. From the humble birth of Jesus, to the betrayal by Judas, to the angry mob, to the cross, then on to the empty tomb, Santa discovers many things that he had not known. He finds himself in the presence of several people whom Jesus had healed while he ministered on the earth. Among these people was one strange lady. With her came that odd feeling he had earlier with the child who wanted a Bible for her mama. Was there a connection? As you read, you will understand that the child and the woman were meant to be, for they bring about the meaning of a book called the Bible for Santa. As Santa understands more, he accepts Jesus' gift of salvation. He then knows he is not able to give the greatest of all gifts...yet he can share the greatest gift.


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