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Poking A Little Fun At Religion

RRP $11.99

Are you better than your religion? Poking a Little Fun at Religion claims that you probably are. After you read the spicy rhymes, shocking quotations, and hair-raising scriptural passages in this blasphemous little book, you'd be foolish not to agree. And are you better than the other guy's religion? Well, that's a no-brainer-Poking Fun confirms that too! The aim of this compact book is to introduce inquisitive readers to a great many religious issues in an informative, entertaining manner, while raising eyebrows, questions, and chuckles along the way. Read it from cover to cover, and you will find a new appreciation for that great American principle of separating church from state. Got a little devil in you? Have some fun and send a gift copy of Poking a Little Fun to the most annoying hellfire cleric you know. As they say, it's not the gift, but the thought that counts, and there is plenty to think about in Poking a Little Fun at Religion.

Science And Religion In The English-speaking World, 1600-1727

RRP $357.99

The interplay between science and religion in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries is an extremely complex historical topic which has led to an abundant secondary literature, characterized by many debates and interpretations. This reference source is intended to help students at various levels of expertise find their way and make use of this flood of secondary literature. The book, in the annotations, treats the following topics: Historiography; the Magic, Alchemical, and Prisca Traditions; Protestantism and the Rise of Modern Science; Christianity, Social Ideals, Ideology and Science; Social Institutions, Science and Christianity; Religion, Technology, Architecture and the Environment; Theology, Philosophy, and Science; Natural Theology and Natural Philosophy; Heretical Christianity, Deism, and Atheism; Science, the Bible, and Literature; Religion and Medicine; and Newtonian Studies. The major part of this book consists of an annotated bibliography of books and articles arranged alphabetically by author. This is followed by unannotated lists of bibliographies and doctoral dissertations. Three indexes are included: topical, relating each work to one or more broad topical categories; an index of persons who wrote or worked in the period under review; and an index of authors and editors of works cited in the bibliography. Initially designed for students, this guide can be used by non-specialists interested in science and religion.

Religion, Families, And Health

RRP $240.99

Religion is a major social institution in the United States. While the scientific community has experienced a resurgence in the idea that there are important linkages between religion and family life and religion and health outcomes, this area of study is still in its early stages of development, scattered across multiple disciplines, and of uneven quality. To date, no book has featured both reviews of the literature and new empirical findings that define this area for the present and set the agenda for the twenty-first century. "Religion, Families, and Health" fills this void by bringing together leading social scientists who provide a theoretically rich, methodologically rigorous, and exciting glimpse into a fascinating social institution that continues to be extremely important in the lives of Americans.


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